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Connecting Talent in Payments, Open Banking & Commerce Enabling Technologies

What an exciting space we operate in!

Specialising in such a niche for over a decade, Jamieson Clark has had the luxury of escaping from the traditional recruitment norms, we simply see ourselves connecting talent.

We gauge our ability as a specialist search firm by having two simple goals, when a fresh vacancy goes live, we already know who to reach out to and that our call is taken. A simple idea yes, but one with real depth to it and that drives us daily. We think you will see the difference!

We place huge importance on our existing network & reach, along with ensuring that Jamieson Clark is a true partner during your recruitment process.


After successfully recruiting for many of the hiring managers, we can go beyond the standard “Position Description”, to ensure you are well briefed on the role and given detailed insight into the inner environment of your potential employer. Most of all, we will be efficient and responsive so that you know exactly where you stand and can make plans accordingly.

So, you may be actively job hunting, wish to be alerted when certain roles become available, or just looking to reach out to share ideas or career advice, we look forward to hearing from you!

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