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Connecting Talent in Payments, Open Banking & Commerce Enabling Technologies

We know who you need and we're already talking to them

What an exciting space we operate in!

As the end-user finds their banking & shopping experience more seamless and enhanced, the complexity and layers of the technology used to enable this continues to increase.

So be it regional regulations for online gaming, cart abandonment through to API specifications, we at Jamieson Clark take the time to develop a deep understanding of the space we operate in and go beyond the standard “position description”, being a true value adding recruitment partner and helping mitigate any risk & uncertainty that can come with a fresh hire.

Learn more about Jamieson Clark’s services:

  • Search & Selection

  • RPO / Onsite Services

  • Advisory Services

  • Outplacement Services

Everything we do is about cutting risk from new employment relationships and proving the recruitment process can be exciting and hassle-free.

Lets talk today!

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